About Lux Pilates 

At Lux Pilates you will enjoy the benefits of an effective and intelligent work-out. Come to our studio in The Hague centre, experience our quality classes and find out  that real fitness is a treat. 

What we offer

  • High quality classes

  • Personal attention

  • Classes between 7:30 and 21.00

  • Small groups

  • Experienced teachers

  • A beautiful, spacious studio right in the city centre. 

What you get

  • A fitter and stronger body

  • Lean muscles

  • Less back and neck pain

  • The best equipment to train with

  • Better understanding of your own body

  • Less injuries

  • Classes to look forward to

  • A different,  positive view on fitness

How we roll

  • Highly skilled teachers

  • Don't push, but challenge

  • Never stop learning

  • Clean and safe

  • Offline and online

  • Easy booking and scheduling

  • Passionate about helping you to feel fit and move with ease!

Find us at the coolest spot of Den Haag. At the Grote Markt, right in the city centre. Treat yourself with a coffee, lunch or drink after your work-out at one of the Grote Markt's colourful bars and restaurants.