Barre Fusion




Our barre class is a playful mix of Pilates, yoga and ballet that will sculpt your legs and booty in a fun and playful manner. It's a low impact, high intensity workout that works your entire body without putting pressure on your joints. 

We use hand weights to also work your shoulders and arms.

Be prepared to sweat it out!

Besides having toned legs and a stronger booty, your flexibility will increase after just five barre classes.

For best results we recommend combining this class with your weekly Pilates class, or attending twice a week. 


It's important to wear comfortable clothing to Barre Fusion, for example, leggings and a t-shirt. You can follow the class either barefoot or with socks. 

No dance experience is needed to attend our classes. We're able to add modifications to each exercise, so the class is perfect for beginners to advanced. 

What is Barre Fusion?

What type of results can you expect from a barre class?

What should you bring or wear to a barre class?