Lux Pilates services include Reformer Pilates and Pilates mat classes, each of 50 minutes. We allow a maximum of 6 people in a reformer class and a maximum of 10 in a mat group class. 

Follow these steps to book a class


  1. Purchase a class package or a membership on the Registration and Webshop page

  2. Download the Virtuagym fitness app and log in with the username and password you've created during your first purchase. 

  3. Open your Lux Pilates schedule in the app

  4. Choose the date you wish to book a class 

  5. Book your class


  1. Open the Lux Pilates portal in Virtuagym

  2. Log in with the same username and pass word.

  3. After logging in, you'll land on the Lux Pilates Portal. Here you'll find our group class schedule on the left side of the screen. You'll see a little clock icon, that's where you're able to book your class