Christie Partelow

Christie is originally from New York, and has been working with Pilates as supplemental training throughout her professional dance career, most recently with Nederlands Dans Theatre. She originally became involved with the Pilates machines while rehabbing from a hip surgery in 2008 with the wonderful Physical Therapists of West Side Dance Physical Therapy in New York, very near to the roots of the method. She immediately fell in love with the intelligence and efficiency that the method and machines offer to be able to work with each individual body and at every stage of life. Whether it be to rehabilitate, maintain, or advance athletes, from amateurs to Olympians, or as a nicely controlled exercise plan, or to find better function and comfort to bring ease to daily life and activities, Christie has found Pilates to be a very effective tool. Christie still performs professionally and as a Reiki healer alongside offering Pilates lessons through the broad and wise training from Polestar Pilates. She has a passion for inviting others into more awareness, improving strength and function, and therefore, creating freedom in their bodies, with an ease of progression and the appropriate focus and push for each individual.

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