2020-09-Plaisier Pilatus - MooiBelicht F

Choose your favourite class


Reformer class

Working-out on the reformer is great for everyone. The reformer allows you to intensify the movement, to get a little help where you need it and to move in a way you've never done before. At first the equipment might look a little impressive, but once you've tried it, you'll become hooked. 


Mat class

In a mat class you exercise on a thick mat being in a standing, sitting and lying down position. We work with small props, like exercise balls, foam rollers and therabands to get more out of your routine. We have beginner and advanced classes, so whether you're new to pilates or a hard-core fan, you'll find what you need. 

We work in small groups, with a max. of 10 people. 


Post natal class

In this mat class we welcome all mommy's that want to regain strength and work on the parts that have become weaker due to labor and pregnancy. It's a soft class with focus on breathing, regaining core control and ultimately building up strength again.


Private session

During our private classes you can work on your own specific goals. We will always do an intake to design a plan together with you, that will help you meet your goals. In a private session we work on different pilates equipments, such as de ladder barrel, the chair and reformer.