What do I wear to my pilates class?

First of all, comfortable clothing. Make sure that you wear pants that do not have a (too) thick part in your waist, since this might be uncomfortable when you're lying on your back. Wear socks, we prefer grip socks, since this will give you extra grip during the exercises. You can buy them online, or at Lux (€10).

Do I have to bring a towel?

You may bring a towel for after or during class, but we do not work with a towel on the mat or the reformer. After class we clean everything with a disinfectant, so the next clients will have a clean work out space.

Covid-19 measurements.

When you come in at our studio, we kindly ask you to wash your hands. This is obligatory before each class. You are allowed to use the changing room, it's cleaned every day, so it is safe to use. Our reformers and mats are disinfected after each workout. We ask you to spray the machines/mats/props and wipe everything dry. Our mats and reformers are placed on a safe distance, so there is enough space to workout safely. We do not admit more than 10 people in our mat class, so we can still guarantee enough space between the mats. We clean the doorhandles, light switches and taps daily with a disinfectant, but we also require you to wash your hands thourougly after leaving the toilet. During class, as teachers, we keep a safe distance to our clients. We clean the entire studio every day, to make sure that we all have a clean and safe space where we can train and feel good :)

Is there a changing room and can I use the toilet?

Yes, you can use the toilet and there is a spacious changing room. Respect the common covid-19 measurements, and wash your hands after using the toilet.

What language is the class taught in?

By default, all of our classes are taught in english. Some of our instructors speak (native) dutch, or another language as well. If you're not sure of the pilates terminology, please don't hesitate to ask and we will find the best way to communicate this to you.

Is there parking available?

Our studio is located on the Grote Markt, which means there is a parking garage directly below us. Check out QPark for more information.