Invite your friend & get a private class for free!

2020-09-Plaisier Pilatus - MooiBelicht F

1. Tell your friend

Don't hide your enthusiasm and tell your friends / family members about Lux Pilates. 

2020-09-Plaisier Pilatus - MooiBelicht F

2. Introduce your friend

Make sure that your friend is introduced to Lux by filling out the form that's attached to the button below. We will email him/her to book a class. 

2020-09-Plaisier Pilatus - MooiBelicht F

3. Get your private

If your guest purchases a class package or membership at Lux, you will get your private equipment class. This class takes 40 minutes and will give you lots of new insights in your movement patterns and body!

This referral program is only valid for a limited period of time and is subject to the terms and conditions that apply to this program.