Paulina Henao Restrepo

Originally from Colombia, Paulina has been practicing Pilates since 2011. Learning how to breathe to connect your mind with your body is what caused her to fall in love with Pilates and inspired her to become an instructor. She has had extensive training in both Classical and Contemporary protocol of Pilates while living in Madrid, Spain.


Paulina is positive, enthusiastic and really enjoys teaching people Pilates since it is a healthy and safe way to workout. She believes the training is not superficial because it has a lot to do with the mind and emotions. Paulina always feels proud to see her clients becoming stronger, more relaxed, breathing properly, with better posture and of course with a big smile during and after a Pilates session. She speaks English, Spanish, and is learning Dutch, so don’t be shy and try her mat, reformer or Zumba classes!

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