How to Start Reformer Pilates


Learning Pilates on the reformer is fun and easy. To make sure that you feel safe and secure joining our reformer group classes, we ask you to first start with a "New to the Reformer" package.

Why a New to the Reformer package?

If you have never trained on the reformer before, it can be quite challenging to join a group class without proper preparation. First you have to know how the reformer works, and how your body responds to it. 


That’s why we offer an introduction in which we fully prepare you to join our reformer group classes. 

Which steps do I have to take?


  1. Go to our “how does it work and prices” page.

  2. Choose “Intro packages”

  3. Purchase one of the New to the Reformer (see below) packages. 

  4. During your purchase, you’ll also need to create an account at Lux. This goes easily.

  5. After you purchase a "New to the Reformer" package, you'll receive an email from us to schedule your first session.

  6. After the first session, you'll receive a credit so you can join any group class of your choice. 

Which New to the Reformer packages do we offer?

At Lux, we offer three different "New to the Reformer" packages to get you started on your reformer journey:

  1. Individual : Starts you with a private, one on one session + you get one credit to join a group class (€80,-)

  2. Duet: The first session is a private session for you and a friend + both of you get one credit to join a group class (€130,-).

  3. Group: This is a class we offer bi-weekly on Sundays at 12:30. Here you can learn about the reformer is a small group (max 6) setting (€40,-).

What to expect from a New to the Reformer workout?

Expect a nice workout.

You'll leave the studio feeling refreshed, calmer, leaner and longer. The first session will be a slower one so you can get to know the machines and how to properly use them, but you'll still have a nice workout while doing so. This way you can join our group classes feeling confident and comfortable. 

What do I need to bring or wear to class?

Wear comfortable clothing, for example leggings and a t-shirt (no zippers please). Grip socks are required on the reformers, if you don't already own a pair, we have ToeSox available for purchase in the studio. 

What if I already have experience on the Reformer?

That's great, if you already have experience. Then you can purchase an intro package and join any class of your choice.