Christie Partelow

Teacher (reformer, mat)

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Christie is originally from New York, and has been working with Pilates as supplemental training throughout her professional dance career. She originally became involved with the Pilates machines while rehabbing from a hip surgery.  She immediately fell in love with the intelligence and efficiency that the method offers to be able to work with each individual body and at every stage of life. She has a passion for inviting others into more awareness, improving strength and function, and therefore, creating freedom in their bodies, with an ease of progression and the appropriate focus and push for each individual. Christie still performs as a professional dancer.

Fi de Wit

Teacher (mat)

2020-09-Plaisier Pilatus - MooiBelicht F

Fi has been involved in movement and body work since her childhood from contemporary dance to studying expressive movement therapy to delving into the yoga & pilates world. Fi’s passion is teaching alignment and mobility, her focus lies on helping people feel good in their bodies so that they can function in a holistic and healthy way. 

2020-09-Plaisier Pilatus - MooiBelicht F

Eleni Valkenou

Teacher (reformer, mat)

Fifteen years ago when Eleni was firstly introduced to Pilates, she immediately fell in love and never stopped practicing ever since. Her Pilates studies in London, New York, Amsterdam and Thessaloniki coupled with my fourteen years of teaching experience in Greece and in the Netherlands have honed her ability to identify imbalances in her clients bodies and encourage them to improve their skills and overcome any deficits with a main focus on breathing techniques, body balance and stretching. Moreover, her ballet background has always influenced her classes during which she shares her passion for graceful movement and flow while paying particular attention to technique, alignment and control.

2020-09-Plaisier Pilatus - MooiBelicht F

Janneke Plaisier


Janneke has always been fascinated by movement and exercising. She strongly believes that everybody needs to move, whether it is by doing sports or by just taking the bike instead of a car, taking the stairs instead of the elevator. She fell in love with Pilates when due to a persistent injury, she was forced to find new and softer ways to work out. Immediately it became clear to her that Pilates is not just another sport. It's way more. Like finding back the connection with your body, a beautiful way to become stronger and leaner, getting rid of injuries, and much more. 

She did her training with Polestar Pilates. As a real entrepreneur, with a former company in educational software, she decided to dedicate all her time to this passion and founded Lux Pilates. 

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