2020-09-Plaisier Pilatus - MooiBelicht F

Pilates is for everyone 


Desk Jobbers 

Is there too much sitting behind a screen in your life?


Please step by!


We can help you to get rid of you tech neck and the stiffness or pain in your back. Your whole body will thank you for coming to Lux. 


After 5 sessions you'll start to notice a difference in your body. You'll feel more space and flexibility to move and less stiffness.

Don't be afraid if you're not into sports, not flexible or anything else that may hold you back. It's all right, just come in and stretch it out.


Sports addicts

You love to sport? Runner, cross fitter, fitness hero, .... 


At Lux we'll create the right conditions for you to become even faster and stronger.


Being an avid sporter, there's always the risk of getting injured. We'll help you to educate your body, so you'll prevent injuries. And, you'll learn how to get even more out of your work-outs.

Show us your power, we cannot wait to meet you!



Did you suffer from an injury, surgery or accident?


We're here to help.

In consultation with your therapist we can start exercising pretty soon after your treatment. The pilates equipment will help you to regain strength, control and faith in your body. 


Dancers, performers

Dancing and performing day and night?


We'd love to meet you!

Lux works with teachers who have been dancers themselves and who have the specialized knowledge to help you to take care of your body as much as possible.  

The sessions at Lux will not only be efficient and effective, but you might even find moments to truly relax and finetune your body.